A promotional CD (also known as a CD premium or incentive) is one of the very few promotional items that connect with people in an intense, emotional way. With a high-perceived value and low cost, a promotional CD also has an extremely long shelf life. It's played on a regular basis, and often shared with others- lots of others.

And with the large number of packaging options available, a promotional CD is designed to include your company catalogue or marketing message. Each time the CD is played, that message is read by your target audience and your brand reinforced. Long after your sales or marketing campaign is put to rest, your message continues to live on, often for years.

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In the new customer-centric paradigm, you can no longer rely on having the best product or lowest price to attract – and keep – customers. Today’s consumer wants to be respected, and to know you have their best interest in mind. They also want you to stand for something.

As marketing and advertising costs continue to spiral out of control, it’s imperative you earn the highest return possible for your marketing dollar. Unless you have bottomless pockets and the staff to execute a one-on-one campaign, you’ll need an affordable and highly-effective tool to not only carry your message, but something that will fully engage your audience and get them to respond.

Short-term success looks good, but long-term keeps you in business. A highly successful marketing campaign continues to pay dividends long after it ends. To do this, you need to become one with your customers. Your message first has to make it into their hands, then into their homes and lives. It’s called lifestyle marketing, and it’s here to stay.


A promotional CD from Lovely Baby Special Products is your key into the lucrative baby and parenting market. If you are looking to connect with this diversified marketplace in the most intelligent, meaningful and emotional way possible, Lovely Baby has the only music catalogue strong enough to penetrate and captivate this highly competitive landscape.

A Lovely Baby promotional CD represents the best music in the world for the emotional, intellectual and physical development of babies. As the leading line of music for babies, some of the world’s largest consumer products companies have benefited from just how special and effective our music is at engaging families. By making that emotional connection, you’re showing how much you care about your customers and the futures of their little ones.

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